Monday, August 2, 2010

Durban Beaches

The Surf in Durban was considerably differnt than Cape Town or the Eastern Cape. We woke up late the second day of our trip due to some intense restaurane/bar touring and the weather was not so nice. It was also very windy. The craving to surf was very strong, however, so I did the desperate: I surfed a fake a MALL! What?! It's very different than the real thing.

If you notice by my kook-like positioning on the wave it was very difficult to balance.

We did catch some sun and surf on day two. Michelle and I drove a total of 50 km that day down south from the Bluff up north to Ballito. By the time I had found a board to rent and a spot to surf, the nice offshore winds had turned onshore. Shame.

The final day we were scheduled to leave early in the morning. The weather was so nice, however, that we decided to stay for a few hours more and enjoy some sun and body surfing. Durben is a very nice beachy city. But it's a city that doesn't feel like Africa very much...until a monkey jumps onto the balcony of your hotel room.

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