Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mama Africa

Upon my arrival to Johannesburg it was as if I was entering back into some fond memories of mine. Lets go back to new years of 07-08. Marizanne, Sami, Maki, Mpho and I were dancing with fireworks, wine and Brenda Fassie into the new year. Here we are again:

Michelle is my host on this leg of the trip.

She lives in Pretoria now. We will be driving to the coast to see Durban; the city remains summer all year long in South Africa. However, before we go, I get to reunite with the Mtongana family. They are Xhosa by origin living now in Pretoria. Marizanne first inrododuced me to the Motongana family 2 and 1/2 years ago. We spent new years with them and it was she who introduced me to Brenda Fassie. This family is something really special. Sami and Maki are the two youngest and are full of life and it's contagious.

Mpho, the mother, is full of love and wisdom. It's people like these that make me eager to travel back to South Africa.


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  2. hey girl, we are watching shark week right now and it says there are LOTS of great whites in mossel bay and seal island. did you see any? haha. dont get eaten up! i love keeping up with your journey! love you!

    big sis,

  3. i was just having a conversation with some people tonight about the shark activity in mossel bay. it's crazy there!! thankfully i have not seen any....yet. :)
    i love you! less than two weeks i get to see christie. yaaaaaaaaaay!