Saturday, July 10, 2010

Road Trip

What is it about Celine Dion that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs?

Michelle enjoying her spot in the back seat.

Marizanne, Michelle and I were three girls, two surfboards and many bags stuffed into a Toyota Yaris driving from Capetown to Jeffrey's Bay/Port Elizabeth.

We stayed in Capetown to watch the Semi-Final matches of Holland vs Uruguay and Germany vs Spain. We then drove from the bottom left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner (for those who are not familiar with SAs geography) in order to watch the consolation final of Uruguay Germany that happened last night at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

What a game! I went for Uruguay because I like the Spanish language better than the German language. No offense to my German friends. (I am really pulling for Spain tonight.) However, the vibe in the stadium was obviously German. Africa has still not gotten over Suarez's hand ball against Uruguay to knock them out of the tournement. Every time the number 9 Suarez touched the ball the crowd filled with "boooooooo". The Africans are proud of their teams.

We did get to stop in Vleesbaai (which means flesh bay), where Moz has a beach house, for two nights. It is named this from when the settlers came around Africa for goods, they would stop here to slaughter cows that were wandering the coast for food on their trip.

Here is the sunrise over the serene beach.

I learned many things here. Moz taught me the beauty of a hot water bottle to fill with boiling water and put in bed with you at night to keep you warm. Michelle taught me about boiled wine. It's a wonderful treat to keep you warm after a nice dinner. You simply bring wine to the boiling point, pour yourself a glass, add one spoonfull of suger and a slice of lemon. I think this day we drank alcohol from morning to night. Amarula in the coffee, Coke and Brandy for our Braai (bar-b-que) at lunch, and boiled wine for dinner. What a pleasure!

Tonight, we have reservations at a Mexican bar in JBay to watch Spain beat Holland. Ole!!
Pictures still to come.

Peace out from da Motherland.

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