Monday, July 12, 2010


The bar was the Mexican. The atmosphere was calm at first. The city is Jeffrey's bay. When the final game began there was a mix of sadness and excitement. After this game, there would be no more World Cup. After 4 years of preparation and excitement for SA, it will all be over. Despite that fact, Moz, Michelle and I were still celebrating loudy with bottles of wine, faces painted and good company. What a game. And in the end, the champions prevailed!

We are still here in Jeffrey's bay, home of the longest righthand barrell in the world and the picturesque aloe.

Moz and I will stay to catch the Billabong Pro surfing competition while Michelle returns to Pretoria to work. Shame.

In our down time, Moz and I have caught some really good waves here. We have also gotten the chance to watch some of the pros practicing at supertubes. Very very impressive. The next few days will be recovery and searching for waves. There is a different perspective surfing here, though. For example, yesterday the waves were clean but small, and very perfect. We did not surf. It was a difficult thing to deal with, but when temperature of the water and air becomes just as much of a factor as the wave itself, your perspective changes a bit. How lucky to live in Hawai'i and not have to worry about that.

Until next time...


  1. hey leane, sounds like you are having a blast! glad to read about your trip. loooovvvee you
    your big sis

  2. While you were at the Billabong, MOm and I were camping in our new trailer up on Melbourne Beach with Cora. Lotsa fun - lotsa work! Young peole were meant to have two year olds! Hope you had a great time - and are still having a great time. Say hi to Moz for me.

    Love ya - r dog

  3. Kathy. I am having a great time! I'm really eager to see Christie soon!
    Dad. I'm JEALOOOOUS! I miss Cora soooo much. Keep telling her that "tia" misses her, so she doesn't forget me. :) Love you both!

  4. Viva la Furia Roja! Campeones del mundo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you're having an awesome time down there. You should post some pics when you have a chance.

    Aloha from rainy HNL.